Home Office Decor Ideas to Maximize Your Remote Productivity

Over the last few months, your home office has become one of the most frequented rooms in your home. If you’re still working on a corner of the dining room table, or in a quickly-repurposed guest room, the right decor could help you feel more inspired and comfortable during your work day. Discover our favorite home office decor ideas to inspire your own WFH space!

Stay Inspired With These 7 Home Office Decor Ideas

Try A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Refresh your space and make it your own with a new coat of paint. Try some of 2020’s on-trend colors, like a down-to-earth navy, soothing earth tones, or classic pops of black and white! 

This year’s popular colors are accented well with decor trends like calming minimalism (great for minimizing distractions) or inspiring vintage accents.

A home office featuring tan walls and floor-to-ceiling white bookshelves.

Hang Up A New Painting

The right decor brightens up your space and makes spending time in your office much more enjoyable. Above, beautiful touches like landscape paintings, potted plants, and other decorative elements create an inviting office space at Residence One in our Traditionals neighborhood.

Pro Tip: If you’re in a space without many windows, spacious paintings of your favorite landscapes can add to the room by providing a faux window.

Get Stylish With Your Storage

Make the most of your space, especially if your office is tucked away in a smaller corner of the house, with creative, attractive storage solutions. Above, the cabinets in Residence One’s floor-to-ceiling bookshelves offer ample storage, while the open shelves are ideal for decor or your favorite reading material.

A home office featuring four beautiful windows and a striking oversized painting.

Embrace Natural Light

The right lighting can help you feel energized and helps prevent eye strain. Locate your desk somewhere with plenty of natural light, as is the case with this desk nestled amongst open windows looking out onto the nearby street at Residence Three at Traditionals

Invest In Great Lighting Fixtures

Don’t forget other sources of light too. Supplement that beautiful natural light with elegant lighting fixtures for those late evenings, like this beautiful chandelier layered with flush lighting.

Get home office decor ideas inspired by this office featuring white walls, wood flooring, and a beautiful grey bookshelf.

Liven Things Up With Greenery

Adding greenery to your work space helps create a more inspiring space, and having plant life around can help you feel refreshed and energized. In this beautiful office at Residence Two at the Classics an indoor tree in the corner adds a pop of color, complemented by potted plants tucked into the bookshelf. 

Provide Seating Options

Adding additional cozy seating to your space is perfect for little visitors who stop by for help with their homework, or to give you options so you can pick your laptop up and grab a seat by the window.

If you’re dreaming of expanding your space to give yourself that perfect home office space, gather inspiration from our beautiful models at Sutter Park. Reach out to speak with our agents about scheduling a tour either in-person or virtually. Reach out today.