New Year, New Home!

A new year comes with new resolutions. Whether it’s to get in shape or to be more involved in your community, we can help! Sutter Park is the ideal spot to carry out all of your New Year Resolutions. It starts with the best resolution of all, joining the East Sacramento community!

New Home, New You

Wondering how exactly Sutter Park is the key to your resolutions? The American Psychological Association has performed studies that show just how different environments can help change people’s habits. Maybe to meet your new resolutions, you might just need to put yourself in a new environment. There is no better environment than Sutter Park!

Community Driven

Sutter Park was built with community in mind. From our recreational park to our home designs, we implemented many different aspects to encourage community relationships. 

Our park is located in the center of our community. The park is a hub where neighbors can get together and hang out or pass by and catch up on evening strolls. Its central location is the perfect central hub for all your Sutter Park socials!

Many of our homes have been built with back garages allowing for front door curb appeal and living to be back in full swing after a long quarantine. Wave at your neighbors as you come back from a day at work or after an afternoon at the Sacramento Zoo.

Health Concise

You may be wondering why moving to Sutter Park would be beneficial to your health. Well, there are many reasons, but the most important is the location. East Sacramento is a beautiful area to walk, run, bike, and get active any way you prefer. The acres of established trees throughout our area provide shade during hot summer days, beautiful changing colors in the fall, and proof that spring has sprung as blooms begin to bud. You’ll be torn between exploring this great area and staying in your beautiful forever home.

Not only does East Sacramento boast of amazing trails, but amazing eats! Check out some of our favorite eateries in East Sacramento that specialize in healthy, vegan, and gluten free foods.

Not only are there delicious restaurants, but there are great opportunities to pick up fresh produce. What better way to enjoy the Farm to Fork capital than with your own California-grown produce!

From delicious healthy food options to amazing trails, Sutter Park will make you want to get out and stay healthy!

Start Your Year Off Right With Sutter Park

A Sutter Park Home will start your year off right and continue to do so for years to come! We are almost sold out, so hurry before you miss out on this great opportunity.  Start your year off right!