Sutter Park Community

Diverse designs add to the unique East Sacramento vibe at Sutter Park. As a resident, you’ll be part of Sacramento’s rich cultural tapestry from local Gold Rush history to the region’s famous farm-to-fork produce.

Building A Community

A community, like a garden, flourishes when you create the right conditions for it. We’ve cultivated Sutter Park like a garden - a new park neighborhood, planted in the heritage of, and in harmony with, one of Sacramento’s oldest and most cherished communities.

Connecting Past and Present

Sutter Park resides within one of Sacramento’s most sought-after park neighborhoods, East Sacramento. Established in the mid-1800s as Sutter Township, the area was home to some of the region’s most productive farms, dairies, orchards and nurseries. Attractions like Tivoli Gardens and Smith Pomological Gardens not only provided nursery stock and produce, but also served as a recreational respite from the city.

The first planned residential development began around 1910, growing significantly over the next two decades with the extension of trolley lines, the advent of automobile ownership, and the post-World War 1 economic boom. Sutter Memorial Hospital was established on the site in 1937. When completed, the hospital was still on the outskirts of town.

Today, residents of Sutter’s Park can take in the history that shaped their community at one of the region’s local attractions. Take in the beautiful American River at Discovery Park, or pick up some delectable local produce at the Midtown Farmers Market. Looking for cultural attractions? Visit a local museum or one of the city’s many art galleries.

The Ideal Location
For A Home

The new homes in the Sutter Park community are perfectly connected to the area around them. You’ll enjoy the area’s numerous coffee shops, restaurants, and other services within walking and biking distance, and your front door is just a stone’s throw from the culinary, arts, and cultural scene of midtown and downtown. You’ll be close to excellent educational opportunities like Sacramento State, known for its world-class Criminal Justice and Nursing programs. The Sutter Park community empowers you to reclaim the time and quality of life that are too easily eroded by traffic and long commutes to Sacramento’s outlying areas.

Enjoy life perfectly located to enjoy the cultural amenities that enrich your life, and the family, friends, and neighbors that make your new house a home.