Summer Park Activities To Keep Your Kids Entertained

Getting out within your own community is a great way to stay active while staying safe. If you’re struggling with the whole family at home this summer, take a day outside. Your local parks offer plenty of open space to run and play, while still social distancing.

Discover the best summer park activities for your family, plus discover some of the region’s most beautiful spaces right here near Sutter Park.

Summer Activities For Kids For Your Next Park Day

You know how beneficial unstructured, outdoor playtime is for your child’s development, but during quarantine that can be hard to achieve. Encouraging them to get outside with these fun, family-friendly activities can help your family stay active during the Summer of 2020.

Fly A Kite

This family classic is the center of many people’s fond childhood memories. Plus, in teaching your kids just what it takes to get a kite off the ground, you can teach them about speed, lift, drag, and other important lessons. It’s outdoor time and a science lesson, all in one! 

Pack A Picnic

Miss dining out together as a family? Grab lunch in your local park! (As a Sutter Park resident, your local park is just a short walk from your front door, at the community’s heart!) A picnic lunch is an easy little adventure to give you and your kids a change of scenery.

Go Bird Watching

A little bird watching is a great way to get outside while sneaking in a little science lesson. (Or squirrel watching, here in Sacramento.) Encourage your kids to draw the pictures of what they find searching for birds, bugs, and other local wildlife! 

Get Sporty

Make family memories by sharing your favorite family sport with your family. The rolling lawns of your local park are perfect for a game of frisbee. Or, take advantage of other local parks’ amenities for a game of basketball or volleyball!

Ride A Bike

The spacious, tree-studded sidewalks of Sutter Park are perfect for an evening’s bike ride after work.

Spend A Day In Sacramento’s Finest Parks

Central Park at Sutter Park

Sutter Park’s beautiful namesake, the sprawling park in the center of the community, is perfect for a family evening. Enjoy a play area, rolling lawn, and our beautiful rose garden.

East Portal Park

East Portal Park, conveniently located near Sutter Park, offers Bocce ball courts, softball fields, and multiple play areas.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall Park is ideal for a picnic, offering a barbecue, shade structures, tables, beautiful shady trees, and other amenities. 

McKinley Park

McKinley Park is well-loved by Sacramento residents, offering a beautiful garden, jogging trails, basketball courts, soccer fields, and other exciting offerings. 

Sutter Park offers families access to plenty of local outdoor spaces, excellent schools, and beautiful floor plans to call home. To learn more about the amenities available or schedule a tour, get in touch