New Color and Design Trends for 2020

 Home Design trends of 2020

We’re a month into the new year! 2020 is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Color and design trends for the new year are all about reflecting who you are and how you want to live your life. 

The focus is on fresh colors adorning uncluttered spaces and tastefully layering the old with the new. This year’s trend fits in perfectly with the traditional influences celebrated at Sutter Park. There couldn’t be a better time to begin planning your new home in East Sacramento, California.    

Bring Your Home To Life With Color

Home Design trends of 2020

“No-nonsense” would be the best way to describe the colors that are most popular this year. Cool shades are replaced by those that make a statement. 

  • Black and White. No matter how you do it, black and white are a dynamic duo. White walls with black doors, black and white tiles placed in interesting patterns, or even black walls against a stark white ceiling; the look is exceptionally bold and timeless. 
  • Earth Tones. Warm and neutral Earth hues to the tune of olive green, chocolate brown, yellow ocher, and wine give rooms a comforting, homey feel. If you prefer lighter walls, deep shades of mossy green work well as accents. 
  • Navy Blue. Classic blue is the 2020 Pantone color of the year. This navy tone is sophisticated but versatile. Think navy cabinets for a stately look.
  • All White. For those who prefer a simple, clean look, white never goes out of style. Positioning itself as an essential color, white speaks elegance, spaciousness, and purity.

Design Trends

Biophilic design is the practice of connecting people to nature within living spaces. One of the most important facets of home decor in 2020 is that it expresses a healthy lifestyle. For example, the wellness kitchen incorporating elements such as natural light, hands-free faucets, and space for setting out air-purifying plants is all the rage. The following trends are in keeping with this idea.

 Home Design trends of 2020
  • Minimalism is in vogue. The tendency is to remove what you don’t need so that you can focus on the design elements you want. The result is a fresh, unencumbered look.
  • Vintage accents such as drawer knobs and door handles add interest and a connection to what has gone before. Without going overboard, layering old with new gives a classic feel.
  • Quartz is the latest thing in countertops. This tough mineral is projected to be the end-all, be-all in kitchen design for years to come because it is reasonably priced and extremely durable. All this plus, it is absolutely stunning.
  • Free-standing soaking tubs are certainly very attractive, and they can almost be considered a necessity in the modern home. Bathtub designs of today rival the coveted clawfoot tubs of yesteryear in terms of comfort and style. The ability to have a nice long bath is a stress-releasing element no home should be without. 

 Sutter Park by Tim Lewis Communities

The Central Park at Time Lewis Communities

The best thing about the trends for 2020 is that they all work beautifully in any of the home styles at Sutter Park. With three communities in the making, you decide if you prefer a Garden Home, something more Traditional, or if you lean toward the Classic. However you want to live, we have a floor plan to suit you. With authentic craftsmanship and beautiful public spaces like Central Park, Sutter Park preserves the history and the heritage of East Sacramento. Timeless and elegant, Sutter Park is all about how you want to live.

To get started crafting your dream home, we have an entire design center dedicated to crafting perfect spaces at Tim Lewis Communities. Stop by the sales trailer at Sutter Park to explore the virtual tours and see the community coming along!