Sutter Park Living: The Secret to Healthy Living

Living at Sutter Park puts you in direct contact with many outdoor experiences to explore in the beautiful neighborhood of East Sacramento. Here, you have access to bike trails, nearby parks, and local outdoor events. There is so much to do and see; you always have the opportunity to get outdoors and exercise.

Endless Outdoor Options

Healthy living in East Sacramento is abundant. There are many open-air activities to get your feet moving. You can enjoy the gorgeous tree-lined streets while you walk, bike, roller skate, or jog with your family and discover nature and historic sights together. In addition, there are many shops, local coffee spots, dining, and excellent schools within walking distance. There’s no reason not to get out and enjoy the fresh air.

Abundance of Nearby Parks and Trails

Nearby Parks

Local Pickup Games

For sports enthusiasts, there are various game pickup locations in East Sacramento and nearby areas. This is an excellent way to advance your skills, get a great workout, and meet new people. Play frisbee golf, soccer, tennis, disc golf, and more.

Sutter Park Living

Sutter Park is situated in the ideal location, close to various outdoor spaces for you and your family to stay active all year long, and gorgeous floor plans to match your busy lifestyle.

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