Community Spaces in East Sacramento

We know how important it is to have a community space. That’s why we designed a multi-purpose outdoor recreation park in the center of our community. Sutter Park’s central park is the social heart of our community. From planned events to impromptu to get togethers, our park fuels Sutter Park.

The History

Over 100 years ago, East Sacramento was known for the gardens that filled the Sacramento Valley. In honor of this rich history, we crafted a garden within our park!

Hedges enclose roses and sculptures made by local artists. Picnic benches placed around the park were made from trees that were located in this very community. The biggest history feature of our park is our Camellia bush that was adorned at the Sutter Memorial Hospital in 1937. It has been replanted in our park as a remembrance of the site’s history. According to Sutter Hospital’s history notes, it is the oldest living Camellia bush in Sacramento. That’s some history!

While designing Sutter Park, we wanted to remember what this area once was. Our park and garden have allowed for a space for our residents to come and reminisce while enjoying what Sutter Park has transformed into. 

So Many Different Uses

A large recessed lawn, surrounding shade trees, a kids’ playground, and a garden all tie together to make our central park. Many days, you can see kids running around and adults reading in the shade. Our park has quickly become a family favorite for those of every age.

Looking for ideas to do in our park? Take a look at some of our favorite activities: 

  • Take a stroll through the garden and admire the local artwork
  • Enjoy a picnic on the lawn
  • Celebrate a birthday 
  • Host a cornhole game
  • Enjoy a good book on the lawn and soak up the sun
  • Meet up with neighbors 
  • Play a game of catch
  • Watch your kids go down slide again and again
Collage of couple picnicking, father and daughter playing cornhoole, women reading, and kids celebrating a birthday in Sutter Park’s central park in East Sacramento.

Healthy Living

Our park not only encourages community, but also healthy living. Taking a short break from working from home and walking around the park can help improve your health, mood, and productivity. Don’t just trust our word on it, get up and moving in your beautiful park!

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