The Holidays Are Just Around the Corner

It has been a whirlwind of a year. From kids going back to school to concerts and events beginning to take place again it has been a whirlwind of a year. After all the hustle and bustle, it’s now time for the joy of the holidays and time of relaxation. Those who may not have seen each other over the pandemic will come together and celebrate another year of friendships and family. We at Sutter Park know how important it is to come together. We carefully crafted our community with this in mind!

Homes Built For The Holidays

Sutter Park homes were designed to bring people together. From the back porch to the kitchen, we thought out the best spaces to spend the holidays. 

Living Spaces

With open floor plans, lofts, outdoor rooms, and rooftop patios, our collection of Sutter Park homes create perfect spaces for entertaining. 

Our living rooms have inviting open floor plans allowing for guests to enjoy one another’s company in the living room, kitchen, and dining room. Several models include incredible fireplaces that create the cheery winter environment that comes with the holidays. Now imagine that with a hot chocolate!

The outdoor living spaces allow for warmer winters to be enjoyed by guests. While Saramento does experience seasonal rain, there have also been many Thanksgivings spent on warm and sunny days. Just imagine Thanksgiving dinner on your patio enjoying the fresh air and good company. Who says you have to stay indoors to stay cozy?Now these are a fan favorite. Our lofts allow for children and adults to have different areas to hang out. Imagine sending the kids upstairs to watch Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown for the 5th time while all the adults can continue enjoying their quality time in the living room. What a dream!

Sutter Park living room, open floor plan with a large fireplace as the focal point.


Our kitchens boast of top-tier quality. Some residences include beautiful Shaker style cabinetry while others include ravishing Full Overlay Maple cabinetry. High-end Stainless Steel appliances are included in all of our Sutter Park homes, providing chef worthy kitchens. Thanksgiving turkeys are no match to your sparkling new oven!


Within our Traditionals Neighborhood, Residence Four has options for up to six bedrooms! This not only allows you to host to your heart’s content with sleeping rooms for the whole family, but also ensures a quiet space to escape when needed. 

Our other neighborhoods also have optimal space for the whole family to stay all in one place. Whether that is converting the loft into a temporary bedroom or turning a kid’s room to a guest room for the extent of the families staying there, there is plenty of space to come together.

Kids mixing ingredients in Sutter Park kitchen in East Sacramento

Holiday Traditions Begin at Sutter Park

Holiday traditions are something to look forward to all year long. Whether it be breaking the wishbone or helping with baking the pumpkin pie, these are the things that make the holidays special. All of these can be fulfilled with the whole family. Your family’s traditions begin at Sutter Park and your memories will last a lifetime.  

Ready to find a home worth gathering in?