Leaving the Crowded Bay

The Bay Area has its perks- diverse culture, great food, and a plethora of parks. Yet, even with all the pros of living in the city, there are many downfalls including high cost of living, terrible traffic, and the limited housing availability. 

What if we told you there is a better option than Bay Area living? Join us as we dive into what life looks like in a less populated, much less expensive, and commuter friendly city that is less than 80 miles away. City of Sacramento, here we come!

The Farm to Fork Capital

Beautiful Sacramento, California offers the ideal location for those looking to relocate from the Bay Area. Offering a wide range of industries from health care to agriculture, there are possibilities for everyone to build their career, family, and happiness.

Cost of Living

Compared to the high expenses of living in the Bay Area, Sacramento living is a breeze. Consumer prices in San Francisco are on average 23.61% higher than in Sacramento. This does not include housing, just the cost of normal household goods. For example a gallon of milk on average costs $3.54 in Sacramento and $4.76 in San Francisco. If you buy one gallon of milk a week, the price difference is $68 more spent every year in San Francisco. 

On the housing side, rent prices in San Francisco are 62.38% higher than Sacramento. On average a 3 bedroom apartment in Sacramento is $2,732 while in San Francisco the average cost is $7,510. The statistics alone show how much of a difference there is in the cost of living between the two cities.  

Ease of Travel

People with cars in the Bay Area are far and few in between, yet the traffic can sometimes take hours for only a couple of miles. Sacramento is an area where you don’t have to have a car, but many prefer to use one for easy travel. 

Within the city center, biking, public transportation, private ride sharing (scooters, ride hailing, ect.), and walking are ways that many residents get around. Because of this, Sacramento trumps the Bay Area with more available parking throughout the city. Some streets may be busier than others, but parking is not a burden when going to pick up groceries or go to your favorite restaurant. With Interstate 5 and Highway 99 running through the city, there is plenty of opportunity to head out to the coast or up to the mountains with ease.

Housing Availability

With a wide variety of neighborhoods from upscale to college homes, Sacramento has something for everyone. Not only are there more available homes in  Sacramento to make your own, but the prices are well below the Bay Area average. Families can afford homes that fit their needs more easily and have the space to spread out.

City skyline of Sacramento with river in foreground, located near East Sacramento, home to Sutter Park.

Sutter Park

Are you looking to relocate from the Bay Area? We know just the perfect place. Sutter Park is your go to luxury home in Sacramento. Enjoy rooftop patios, tree-lined streets, and kitchens fit for a chef! 

Not sure if Sacramento has the activities you enjoy? Take a look at our blog The Sutter Park Experience and Get Social In Sac! to learn more about all Sacramento has to offer.

More and more families are discovering the beauty of our Capital, but we still have a few Sutter Park homes left in our East Sacramento community. Singles and families alike will enjoy the numerous options for outdoor exploration. Not to mention, the surrounding amenities of local restaurants, boutiques, and more! 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Give us a call! You won’t regret it.