How To Know You’re Ready To Move

Moving to a new home is a big decision! Not to mention that the packing up, physically moving your belongings, and unpacking everything again is a lot of work. So how do you know when you’re ready to move to a new home? We’ve put together a checklist to help you decide whether or not it’s time to make that leap. 

10 Signs You’re Ready to Move 

  1. Your Home Is Too Small: Whether you live in an apartment or starter home, one of the most common reasons for moving is when your life doesn’t quite fit into your current home. If you have to wait in line for the bathroom, can’t turn around without tripping over something or are constantly trying to rearrange your belongings just to make things fit, then you might be ready to move to a bigger place! 
  1. Your Home Is Too Big: Just as a small house can be too tight for your growing needs, living in a home that’s too large for your needs can prove equally problematic. Maybe your grown-up children have left the nest, or perhaps too many unoccupied rooms are taking all your time to maintain. Whatever the reason, downsizing, decluttering, and moving to a smaller space can feel liberating. 
  1. It’s Time For An Upgrade: Moving to a new home means an upgrade in features like central air conditioning and heat, updated appliances, a modern kitchen and bathrooms, more storage…the list could go on! And sometimes there are things you might want that can’t be achieved with upgrades on your current home – i.e. a larger yard. Our Sutter Park homes are designed with expert care and craftsmanship, with upgraded design elements throughout while also paying homage to Sacramento’s local history and heritage. This means you get the timeless touches without any of the headaches of an older home! 
  1. Your Home Is A Money Pit: It’s often hard to throw in the towel on repairs, especially if you’ve put a lot of love and hard DIY work into your home. If your renovation list is longer and more costly than you originally anticipated (and they usually are!), and it feels like all your money is going to home repairs, it may be time to consider a fresh start. 
  1. New Job: Moving for a new job is another very common reason for relocating, whether you’re hoping to accelerate your career, your company is relocating you, or you’re moving to a city that fits your specific industry. 
  1. Killer Commute: If your daily commute feels like it’s sucking the life out of you, you might be ready to move closer to work. Fighting traffic or fighting for a seat on your commuter train/bus can be extremely stressful, the effects of which negatively compound over time. Moving closer to work will grant you more sleep and potentially improve your health and well-being. 
  1. Safety Concerns/Declining Neighborhood: If you often don’t feel safe at home, relocating to a new home may be the best way to remove yourself from disruptive neighbors, high crime rate, constant noise, increased pollution, and other environmental hazards are also all good reasons to consider leaving your current neighborhood. East Sacramento remains in the top 5 Sacramento neighborhoods to live in with a high safety rating, according to 
  1. Better Schools: Buying a home in a neighborhood zoned for great schools is always a good decision, especially if you have kids who might one day attend those schools. is an excellent tool to use when evaluating schools near your new home; Sutter Park is located near several highly rated schools from preschool to high education. 
  1. Family: Whether you’re adding kids and/or pets, accommodating an aging parent or in-law in need, our family is often a huge part of the consideration process when moving. Our Sutter Park homes offer a variety of customizable options from additional bedrooms and lofts to junior and multi-gen suites to meet your family’s needs. 
  1. Your Happiness Is Paramount: You spend a lot of time in your home, so your happiness in your residence is an important factor to consider. Maybe the weather is giving you the blues. Maybe you need a larger garage to pursue your dream of home brewing. Whatever the case, a new home may be just what you need to fulfill a dream or bring more happiness into your life.

If you’re ready to move, we’re here to help you find the new home of your dreams! Our sales office at the Sutter Park community is available by appointment and we look forward to giving you a tour of our newest Sacramento homes and neighborhood. Just give us a call at (916) 787-3490 or contact us online to learn more.