We’re Wrapping Up, It’s Time to Open the Gift of a Sutter Park Home

While we are almost done building here at Sutter Park, we never plan to stop enjoying this standout community we’ve created with such care. The parks, the amenities of the Triangle, the East Sacramento neighborhood and so many other features make this a community that residents and visitors will take in and enjoy for the duration. 

Building in such a timeless and lively location as East Sacramento makes this a destination to call home for lucky buyers and leaves the rest of us as smitten visitors. 

What makes people so enamored with Sutter Park?

Its proximity to fantastic dining establishments such as Kru, Hawks Public House, OBO’ Italian Table & Bar, and Juno’s Kitchen is one draw. With many great eateries just a walk away, residents enjoy the opportunity to walk off their meal on tree-lined streets visiting the shops. Antiques are a specialty of the area, with 57th Street Antique Mall, Sekula’s Art Antique & Design, Antique Row, and Picket Fences Antiques just to name a few. 

Boutique storefronts sprinkle the entire community, with Urban 57, S. Benson & Co., and Sisu being favorites for many. 

Sacramento Coffee

Grabbing a cup of exceptional coffee and heading into downtown Sacramento is a daily event for many residents. The area is filled with delicious choices for caffeinating, from Tupelo Coffeehouse to Pachamama Coffee Bar to Temple Coffee Roasters, just for starters. 

Downtown Sites

A fifteen-minute drive into the heart of downtown allows for residents to work and play as they need, whether visiting Old Town with its fun-filled waterfront, midtown with its hip dining and nightlife, or the Capital area with plenty of professional opportunities. 

What About a Solid Cold Brew?

For those looking for a cold drink a little closer to home, East Sacramento boasts several craft breweries, including Tower Brewing Company, Porchlight Brewing Company, and SacYard Tap House.  Another draw to the area is the excellent schools, right up to Sacramento State University in its backyard. Scenic bike paths line the river, pass rose gardens, and wind into the University’s sprawling and welcoming campus.

The Possibilities Are Endless With Sutter Park

The reasons to be captivated with becoming a Sutter Park homeowner are plentiful. 

However, one that standouts amongst the rest: the beautiful Sutter Park homes themselves. Built with high-quality standards, innovative architecture, and designer touches, these homes are something to be seen and appreciated. With emphasis we must say, this is your last chance to see for yourself as we wrap up in the Sutter Park community.