Sutter Park The History Experience

As the state capitol, Sacramento is surrounded by a rich and vibrant history. From Sutter’s Fort to the Gold Rush, Sacramento has played an essential role in California’s history. All of this can be explored right in your backyard. Come back in time with us as we explore history and the attractions across Sacramento.

Sacramento History Museum

The Sacramento History Museum is a reproduction of the City Hall and Waterworks building from 1854. It has housed the police court, city jail, city offices, a fire station, and City Waterworks. 

Sadly, the original building from 1854 was failing due to the constant vibration of the nearby trains and it was torn down in 1913. It was rebuilt in the second half of the century and now the new building houses multiple exhibits. One of the most popular exhibits that the Sacramento History Museum offers is the Underground Tours. These tours explore where the town used to lie before being raised 10 feet! The town was prone to flooding and after 3 devastating floods, plans were finally taken to raise the city.

State Indian Museum

Opening its doors in 1940, the State Indian Museum emphasizes three major themes of California Indian life:

  • Nature
  • Spirit 
  • Family

Cultural items are presented throughout the museum as well as photographs from California Natives. Enjoy a journey back in time and see what life was like before settlers moved into the area. 

California Railroad Museum

Love trains? The California Train Museum will not disappoint! With a wide variety of exhibits, the museum shows how trains helped shape California to what it is today. A crowd favorite is the expansive amount of locomotives inside and outside of the museum. There are now only 45 full size locomotive trains left in the United States, and the museum is home to 8 of them.

The railroad tracks leading up to the railroad museum

California Automobile Museum

Everytime you come, there are new vehicles at California’s Automobile Museum to see. With changing exhibits, new cars coming in, and a rotating car club display, the collection of vehicles is always changing. 

One of the unique features of this museum is that they have a Road Crew. This crew brings cars to community events, non-profits, and educational events as a special outreach program.

Huntington & Hopkins Hardware

Located in Old Sacramentos State Historic Park, this museum recreates a 19th century hardware store. The original Huntington & Hopkins Hardware Store was torn down due to the construction of Interstate-5. The recreated store has been constructed to look identical to the original exterior from 1861

Next door to the hardware store is a Museum of Hardware exhibit. This store allows you to step into the mid 1800’s and see what life was like to the hard working citizens of that era.

History Right in Your Backyard

We are proud to be located so close to each of these attractions. Sacramento’s rich history is right around the corner from Sutter Park! With so many museums in the area and even more historical buildings lining the streets of Old Sacramento, you will step right back in time.