Sacramento: The Farm-to-Fork Capital

Paragarys restaurant in downtown sacramento
Photo Cred: Paragary’s Midtown

When you look at the numbers, Sacramento’s identity as the Farm-to-Fork Capital is an obvious choice: the region features roughly 1.5 million acres of farmland that produce large quantities of produce – around 165 different varieties! There are also more than 40 regional farmers’ markets that occur year round. Which is why it’s also no surprise that Sacramento is known as a haven for foodies and those who appreciate a tasty meal. With access to incredibly fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, Sacramento’s restaurants are able to cook up some truly outstanding farm-fresh meals. Here are a few that you won’t want to miss that are also located less than 10 minutes from Sutter Park!

OneSpeed Pizza and The Waterboy

Rick Mahan, chef and owner of OneSpeed Pizza and The Waterboy, is passionate about using the highest quality local ingredients in order to create food that is simple, delicious and fresh. From their salads and antipasti to their pizzas and other main courses, you’ll find that the menu at OneSpeed Pizza changes frequently with the seasonality of the ingredients. Offering a similarly seasonal menu, The Waterboy features a menu inspired by the cuisines of northern Italy and Southern France. Both restaurants are longtime local favorites, and even better yet, OneSpeed is a lovely 5-minute walk from Sutter Park!

Selland’s Market-Cafe

If you’re looking for a quick yet incredibly fresh and flavorful meal, make sure to stop by Selland’s Market-Cafe. The Selland Family (who also own The Kitchen, Ella Dining Room and Bar, and OBO’ Italian Table & Bar) are well-known in Sacramento due to their 20+ years of running restaurants throughout the community that all focus on offering Farm-to-Fork cuisine. Each of their restaurants should be on your to-dine list, however their east Sacramento location of Selland’s Market-Cafe is a 5-minute walk from Sutter Park, making it a go-to favorite for dining out. Their menu features cafeteria-style dining with a variety of options including burgers and sandwiches, soups and salads, and wood-fired pizzas that change seasonally and are made with local, sustainable and organic produce as well as hormone-free meats.


One of the best things about Canon’s menu is how shareable it is – whether you choose to bring it home or dine on their beautiful outdoor patio! Chef Brad Cecchi – who earned a Michelin star as executive chef at Calistoga’s Solbar – is passionate about sourcing his ingredients from the region’s best farmers, ranchers, artisans and vintners. They’re only open for dinner and make sure to check their menu because it changes each week. Plus there’s a special Sunday prix fixe menu that’s an incredible deal! 

Paragary’s Midtown

Another well-established Sacramento family of local farm-fresh restaurants are owned by the Paragary Restaurant Group. Their eponymous restaurant – Paragary’s in Midtown – is a beloved neighborhood bistro that’s served their seasonal cuisine since 1983. We highly recommend checking out their garden-like patio filled with lush plants, waterfalls and decades-old olive trees as the spot for your next dinner date or favorite new brunch spot!

When you live in Sacramento, it can often feel like everywhere you turn there’s another incredible eatery just waiting to be experienced! These are just a few of our local farm-focused favorites, and it’s unique restaurants like these that make life at Sutter Park so desirable. Whether you’re touring – or living in – our Sutter Park Community, make sure to check out one of these local eats!