The Sacramento Hometown Experience

Located less than a mile and a half from Sutter Park is Sacramento State University. Students from all over the country fill its campus as they expand their minds. It’s also a hometown favorite for locals wanting to stay closer to home while taking on the next stage in their lives. With a beautiful campus and countless programs, it’s no surprise this CSU is a California favorite.

Sacramento State

Sacramento State sees over 30,000 students each year. With 64 different bachelor’s degrees, 51 masters degrees, and 5 doctoral degrees, it is no wonder that 1 in 20 adults in the region are Sac State graduates.


Known as “Tree Campus USA”, Sacramento State University offers a great environment as well as education for all students. From nursing to philosophy, there are endless opportunities to expand. Some of the rankings that sets Sac State apart include:

With a multitude of national rankings and state awards, Sac State is a top of the line educator within Northern California and beyond.

Sacramento State football team getting ready for kick off. (Photo taken from Sac State)


Locals know what an extended pinky means in East Sacramento- “Stingers Up!” Sacramento State’s Sac Hornets include 21 intercollegiate sports and over 71 Big Sky Conference Championships

One of the most recent Big Sky Conference Championships was won by the 2019 Football team. Since there has not been a season since, due to Covid-19, they are still the reigning champions. While it is a great title to have, it is not going to be a walk in the park to have back-to-back championships. The season is well underway with a home game on October 9th against Southern Utah and Northern Arizona.

Saturday nights all around the campus, the school spirit can be heard and seen as students, alumni, and fans get ready for Sac State Football. Tailgating is a very popular event that increases comrotary and friendships throughout the Sacramento community.

Local Pride

When you live in Sacramento, it’s hard not to take pride in your community.

Sac State is a great school and only minutes away from our front gates. Looking at continuing your education in a prominent new neighborhood? Start your journey today with Sutter Park!